What Does the Bible Have to Say About Debt Solution?

biblical-view-debtPerhaps the most important, yet most difficult, aspect of our Credit Card Relief Education (CCRE) program has to do with what the Bible says about money, debt, usury (interest), repayment, forgiveness, and a host of other equally relevant topics.

As a company owned & operated by Christians, and because many (if not most) of our Clients are Christians, our prayer at Integrity Debt Solutions-Texas is that you will take some time to patiently & thoughtfully explore this Special Report as we attempt to share what we have learned from hundreds of hours of study of both the Bible (God’s revealed word) and the moral issues surrounding the CCRE program.

While not an exhaustive study of the topics, this report will hopefully explain the major reasons why we believe that CCRE is not an unbiblical service nor is it encouraging irresponsibility, “debt avoidance”, or the like. In fact, it’s quite to the contrary! Our goal for our Texas debt relief clients is to negotiate a drastically reduced amount (which the banks agree to settle on) and/or show our clients how they can position & protect their families from the very shady and questionable practices of the banks/credit card companies. We encourage you to read on….

The concept of forgiveness. . . .
Much like the concept of having your sins forgiven by Jesus Christ’s death on the cross (covering a debt we could not pay), so too does the CCRE process strive to forgive/reduce a debt that holds Texans in bondage setting them free from something they may never be able to pay.

When a person realizes that he or she is a sinner that needs to be saved, receives forgiveness, and starts life as a new creation in Christ, the realization of this spiritual truth serves as motivation to love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and strength – committing never to return to the past lifestyle. This is what being born-again is all about!

Allowing the CCRE process to serve you and your family and “forgive” as much of your debt as possible, will hopefully motivate you to never again become enslaved to the worldly system of credit card debt. Our prayer is that you will then have the freedom & desire to follow biblical principals that have stood the test of time!

It is our hope & prayer that having an overwhelming financial burden forgiven will save marriages, alleviate undue stress, reduce serious health problems (both physical and emotional), and most importantly restore a deep spiritual relationship with God that has been lost or damaged. We hope to help all people in Texas achieve these goals.

With love & appreciation now motivating the church and a renewed realization of financial stability, perhaps the body of Christ will now make giving (a lost biblical mandate!) of primary importance once again!

Check back tomorrow to find out how Biblical parables apply to debt solution in Texas.

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