Introduction to the Credit Score Issue (Part 5)

A real life example…

As we were preparing this report, we had conversations with a couple of clients who began the CCRE program a few years ago – these were very timely calls! Perhaps this will encourage you and help you realize that simply taking the steps outlined above will benefit you dramatically compared with the following stories…
Piggy bank
“I began the CCRE program back in January of 2006 with a credit score in the 670 range with the three major credit bureaus. A year later, I discovered that my score was in the 585-595 range. But it didn’t really concern me at the time because I had already taken steps to cover myself. I knew I was going to live in my home for years to come and in the last couple of years I had just purchased two vehicles – a truck and a car – that were in good condition, so this wasn’t an issue either. I didn’t need any new credit because I kept one of my credit cards out of the program and was using it for any emergencies or whenever I was short of cash. Now, in 2008, just two and a half years later, my score is back up into the 630 range and I haven’t even done anything yet on the credit repair issue. Once I begin the credit repair process, I believe gaining another 25-30 points is very doable and my score will be above the Texas average. Oh, by the way, I saved a little over $35,000 in the process which I’m quite pleased with!” – Doug in Hungerford, Texas

“In June of 2006, I started the program offered by Integrity Debt Solutions-Texas. I decided to use their service because of their no-nonsense & honest approach; they specialize in Texas; and the fact that their BBB record is spotless. I had a total of nine accounts and my credit score was hovering around 700. Here we are over 3 years later and my score is now 638 which I consider good considering the fact that I’ve been a little lazy and haven’t begun the credit repair process yet. I was able to purchase a new car recently and the only issue I had was that my interest rate is 14% – I ran into no problems at all. I will save over $50,000 and – credit score wise – I suffered about 60 points.” – Lance in Austin, Texas

We hope this report has provided you with some useful information that will guide you in your decision. Integrity Debt Solutions-Texas is committed to providing you & your family, as well as ALL of our clients, with timely, professional, and HONEST information. You can easily confirm all of this information simply by doing a Google search on the key phrases like, ‘credit repair’, ‘how to improve bad credit’, etc.

We look forward to the possibility of serving you. If you are a prospective client considering our CCRE program, this information will be of great benefit as you can take steps and plan ahead. And if you are already a client, we hope this material has been of good encouragement to you for your future action!

In Your Service,

The Team at Integrity Debt Solutions – Texas!

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