Introduction to the Credit Score Issue (Part 4)

Our last post highlighted the typical, post CCRE process. Today we will be taking a step back and looking at all of the things you should consider before enrolling in our program.

How’s that working for ya?
credit-score-considerationsMost of us have heard the famous television personality & counselor Dr. Phil ask the question of people “How’s that working for ya?” when trying a certain strategy in their lives. We would like to encourage people considering our service to ask themselves this question as well. Especially when thinking about the prospects of having their credit report temporarily damaged or keeping it perfectly intact.

The questions to consider are these: How has having my credit report perfectly intact been working for me? Am I better off today than I was one, two, or three years ago? You may also want to ask: Will having perfect credit for the next few years HELP me or HURT me? Will I be in a BETTER situation in one, two, or three years if I do nothing?

Please do not be offended by the above direct questions. We are not trying to be “smart alecks” or abrasive in any way, we honestly are only trying to bring perspective to your situation. Maybe it’s true that you MUST have perfect credit going forward. If this is the case, then our program is clearly not for you.

However, if you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve always been getting. We can help you. When faced with an overwhelming amount of debt, there is no perfect solution (other than inheriting money from a wealthy relative or winning the lottery). You have some tough decisions ahead of you. We would like to serve you with our time-tested, well researched & proven program.

What is the Bottom Line?
The bottom line for most of our clients is this: if you cannot take ANY of the steps mentioned above you can expect your credit score to suffer anywhere from 50-150 points – again, depending on many variables such as the number of credit card accounts you have (which you’re current on, which you’re behind on), if you stay current on car loans & mortgage loans (paying off a car loan has great implications to your score), and many other issues. If you are able to implement some of the steps outlined in this report, then you can reduce these numbers to 30-100 points. Because each & every situation is different and because everyone’s payment history is unique, it is impossible for us to know the exact point value you may suffer.

However, if you are educated as to how the system works and you’re determined to be proactive, then this task of maintaining and/or repairing your credit is very possible.

Check back on Monday for the final article in this series. We will be taking a look at two real-life testimonials from people who have used to CCRE program to turn their credit issues around.

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