Secret History

The Secret History of the Credit Card . . .

If you are interested in learning about the secret history of the modern credit card, how they came to operate like they do, who they consider their best customers and why, the traps they lay in the fine print, the huge profits they are reaping, and much much more, please click on the link below.

This link will bring you to one of the most revealing and informative programs on the credit card industry that has ever been recorded!

“The Secret History of the Credit Card” was a program published and seen on PBS in November of 2004 and was sponsored by Frontline and The New York Times.

We strongly encourage you to view this powerful and very informative program. You will never again view the credit card industry the same and your desire to become debt free will greatly increase! Please take the time to educate yourself on this explosive topic.

Watch the Full PBS Program Online

Simply Click on this link!

Secret History of the Credit Card



The Secret History of the Banking and Federal Reserve System . . .

Another piece of educational material we advise you to listen to is a lecture given by the author of the book ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’. G. Edward Griffin took many many years of research, interviews, and historical documentation and produced an amazing account of how and why the Federal Reserve System was created and by whom.

This lecture, given in Los Angeles, California in 1994, will help you understand how it all began – the Federal Reserve, the modern banking system, the creation of money, why inflation occurs and who it harms and who it benefits, and so very much more.

Simply click on the Play Arrow or the book below and you will hear G. Edward Griffin, a master researcher and lecturer, tell the story in a way that is sure to fascinate, educate, and perhaps even infuriate you as you will become educated and informed beyond what any modern finance class would be willing to reveal!

CLICK ON THE ARROW below, listen and become powerfully informed!


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