Results & Testimonials

The foundation for the CCRE process has delivered REAL RESULTS for thousands of families. . .

1. Over $10,000,000 of credit card debt reduced since 2005!
. . . Do you want to keep your total debt?

2. Over 300 families helped averaging over $39,000 per family!
. . . Do you want to miss out on the savings?

3. Servicing more than 1,500 individual credit card accounts!
. . . How many accounts would you like to be free from?



CASE STUDY #1: Jeff in Austin, TX saved over $38,000 on his entire total debt and has a fresh start today!! (Accounts: 2 Chase, 2 Bank of America)


“After completing the program and having you settle all my accounts for 35% and saving $38,000 (or 65%), I am definitely a believer! I almost can’t believe it happened, but it did and I’m more than happy to have you add my name to your reference list – have your new clients call me!”



CASE STUDY #2: Hal and Fran in Houston, TX saved over $60,000 so far for his family!! (Accounts: Chase, Bank of America, AmEx, Discover)


Hal and Fran
“We were so stressed out and life was terrible! Our business had gone south, Hal was working HUGE amounts of overtime and we knew we had to do something. We were kind of surprised at how well the process went and SO RELIEVED that we saved so much money!”



Why have clients had such great results?

The reason we have had such amazing results with the Credit Card Relief Education (CCRE) program is simply because our proprietary process is based in the law – Federal law, Bank law, Truth in Lending Act, and other legislation passed by Congress such as The Fair Credit Billing and Reporting Acts and The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

AND NOW, as we focus on residents of the great state of Texas, we have the Texas Constitution to add to the list of powerful consumer protection laws from which you can benefit only making the CCRE program better!!

We ONLY work with families in Texas, so IDS-Texas has a great deal of specific expertise and experience to help you become debt free much faster than any other service you can subscribe to! Other popular options for debt relief, such as bankruptcy, consolidation, and credit counseling, simply have not been able to produce the kind of results that CCRE has consistently delivered year after year.

We also find that many of our new clients are those that come from other services/companies who did not deliver on their promises. We encourage you to do things right the first time – enroll in the CCRE program now!

As soon as a client enters our CCRE Program, we help them implement existing law to immediately save them from making their next monthly payment (The Fair Credit Billing Act allows you to withhold your monthly payment when filing a legal dispute which means you hang on to your money now!). And then ultimately we help save them $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 or more! (our negotiation experience and know-how allows you to hang on to more of your money in the long run!).

And the best part of our program is that we GUARANTEE at least a savings of 40% from the accounts you enter! Grab a calculator, punch in your total debt, then multiply by .40 and that’s how much we guarantee we’ll save you!

Did we mention that no other company except us offers a money-back guarantee? Not one that we’ve ever seen or heard of. And the best part of this guarantee is that YOU are helped, our reputation grows, and we both win!!

Oh by the way….we have never had a claim by a client because they paid more than 40% of their debt – not a single one! We deliver on our promise and you are moments away from saving thousands and thousands of dollars. Do you want to keep all that debt? Then click on the link below and get started!!

Look at the real life cases above and below – these are real people and many of them have agreed to speak with you about our service and the fresh start they’ve experienced (and these are just a handful of our clients!). If you’re shopping around, ask the other companies if they can provide a list of names and phone numbers of clients that you can speak with and see what happens.


CASE STUDY #3: Victor in San Antonio settled for $8,500 on a $32,300 account saving $23,800!  (Accounts: MBNA America)



Company Name – – – – Original Debt – – Settlement Amount – – – Amount Saved
MBNA. . . . . . . . . . . . . .$32,300 . . . . . . . .$8,500 . . . . . . . . $23,800 – 73%



CASE STUDY #4: Frustrated and holding on by a thread, Danilo in Houston, TX saved over $37,000 with our CCRE process! He says, “Integrity Debt Solutions has an “A” rating, their customer service is awesome, and once again I feel GREAT!”


Once I learned how your service could help me and my family, the decision was pretty clear to me that Integrity Debt Solutions was going to be my choice.”



CASE STUDY #5: Judy in Lubbock, Texas saved over $59,000 with our CCRE program !! (Accounts: Citi, Bank of America, Discover, Chase)


“I was SO scared and worried about our situation and Integrity Debt Solutions was there EVERY step of the way. They were so very patient with me (and my many phone calls!) and they turned my fear into a wonderful and amazing fresh start!”



Do you have real life examples of settlements?

Below is a list of some of the clients that have recently settled on their accounts or have been offered settlements. We also show the exact amount of the settlement. We have much experience in negotiating with the banks and many of these clients are very willing to share their experience with people just like you! All you need to do is ask us!

Our service is for real and we are willing to put our money where our mouth is…we are the ONLY company that is both Christian-based AND willing to refund your money if we cannot help you reduce at least 50% of your total debt. We have a perfect track record and we are committed to keeping it that way.

Jeff in Combine: settled for $8,000 on a $24,000 BofA account – 67% savings!
Sandra in Fort Worth: settled with Wells Fargo for 33% of the balance – that is a 67% reduction.
E.K. in Richmond: settled with Citibank, Capital One, and BofA for 34% – saving 66%.
Hal & Fran in Houston: settled for $5,676 on a $19,217 AmEx account – that’s a savings of 70%
Carla in Mission: settled with Chase for 42% of the balance – that is a 58% reduction.
Lynn in Austin: settled with Discover for 20% of the balance – an 80% reduction
Shirley: 29% on her American Express account – a 71% reduction.
Gary: 45% to settle on his Wells Fargo account – a 65% reduction
Bob in Dallas: 35% on his Chase account – a reduction of 65%
John in Fort Worth: 40% on his Discover card – a reduction of 60%
Nancy in Arlington: settled for 28% on her Direct Merchants account – a 72% savings
M and C in Dallas: settled for 46% on Commonwealth Finance!
Trey in Round Rock: 40% with FIA Card Services – a 60% savings
Bill in Poetry, TX: 40% with GE Capital Retail bank – saving 60%.
M.F. in San Antonio: 40% with HSBC – 60% reduction
John in Fortworth: settled for 30% on his Chase account.
Cheryl in Terrell: settled for 30% with Citi
C.R. in Santa Anna, TX: settled with Citi at 45%
Danilo in Spring: settled with B of A at 30%
Paul in Plano: settled with AMEX at 48%
Patty in Houston: settled with Bank of Omaha at 35%
Erick in Lillian, TX: settled at 50% with Wells Fargo
Sandy in Alice: settled at 32% with HSBC

These examples represent just a few of our clients and we have copies of the actual settlement letters. If you would like us to send you copies we would be happy to do so. Our goal is to provide as much documentation as possible because we understand very well how doubt and skepticism can prohibit people from moving forward.


CASE STUDY #6: Jim in Spring, Texas entered $18,270 and paid $8,340 which is a savings of $9,930 or a 54% reduction!! (Accounts: Chase and Citibank)


“One of the main reasons we decided to use Integrity Debt Solutions is that they have OUTSTANDING customer service. We have been served in a very competent, trustworthy, and kind manner…now we have a wonderful fresh start!”



CASE STUDY #7: Bill in Houston, TX saved more than $55,000 from our debt relief process – which was a savings of 64%! He is now one of our BIGGEST advocates and is on our reference list. This means YOU can call him and ask him what our program is like.


“I was really backed into a corner with not many places left to turn…..the credit card relief process has given me hope and a bright financial future once again – simply amazing!”



CASE STUDY #8: Sherri in Bonham, Texas entered and saved $33,973 !!
(Accounts: Household, Chase, Bank of America, RBC)


“One of the main reasons we decided to use Integrity Debt Solutions is that they are Christian based. We have been served in a very competent, trustworthy, and kind manner! We praise God that He led us to this company for our fresh start!”



LOOK AT THIS!  New Clients That Just Signed Up . . .

Below are some of your Texas neighbors that recently signed up for the CCRE process so they can quickly and confidently get on the road to becoming debt free. They have done their due diligence and all we ask is that you give us a chance to prove ourselves and let us share our documentation with you!

Bill in Poetry, TX: $51,000 Patty in Houston: $77,000+
Jim in Hereford, TX: over $90,000 Mary in Friendswood, TX: $83,000
Carl in Katy, TX: $37,000 Jerry in Victoria, TX: over $48,000
Jerry in Houston, TX: $17,000+ Greg and Linda in Plano, TX: $96,000+
Tammy in Katy, TX: over $45,000+ Shawn in Dallas, TX: $10,000
Brenda in Lewisville, TX: $20,000 Jacqueline in Dallas, TX: over $74,000
Larry in Geronimo, TX: approx. $35,000 Brad in Haslet, TX: $50,000+

These clients will someday have their actual results posted on this page to illustrate and validate that the CCRE process is for real! We have references to give right now! So go ahead and click on the green link and share your name with us – we will gladly show you how our proven process works!


CASE STUDY #9: Jack in Lubbock entered more than $150,000 and now feels born again!! (Accounts: RBS, Chase, CitiBank, Bank of America)


“I had researched several options and none of the other company’s math seemed to work. I did a lot of due diligence into IDS-Texas, spoke with several of their current and former clients and saw the good that was done for them and now I’m seeing the good for myself! Thank You!!”



CASE STUDY #10: Ed and Tonya in Alvarado, Texas saved over $45,000 with our CCRE program !!
(Accounts: MBNA, Bank of America, WaMu, Chase)


“I tried to call and work out a deal with the credit card companies, but I had absolutely no success. My minimum payments more than doubled and I could no longer afford to send in a $1,000 monthly payment. I did my research and IDS-Texas was the clear winner for us!”



CASE STUDY #11: Tina in Ft. Worth, Texas saved more than $29,000 !!  (Accounts: Capital One, Chase, WaMu)


“The Credit Card Relief Education program saved me over $29,000, and looking back, I wish I would’ve started sooner!”



CASE STUDY #12: E.K. in Richmond, Texas saved over $60,000 and settled several accounts for 30% !!
(Accounts: GM, Chase, Citibank, Capital One, MBNA)


“I admit that I was skeptical – real skeptical at first – but the more I looked into your service and the more I spoke with former clients, the more I realized how legitimate and reliable you were. My doubt fueled my research and my research fueled my desire not to wait another minute!”



More Results Coming Soon!

This Results Page was created not long ago and we are working on having more Case Studies posted soon. If you would like to hear about specific stories/testimonials, please contact us and we would be more than happy to provide you with many more! In fact, many of the people on this page have agreed be a source of reference to those wishing to hear directly from current clients. These testimonials are powerful evidence that hundreds of families across Texas have received true relief and you can benefit as well – WE GUARANTEE IT!

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