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  1. LEGALLY STOP your monthly payments immediately?. . .
    Receive instant relief using federal and bank laws!
  2. REDUCE your credit card bills by at least 50% or YOUR MONEY BACK?. . .
    We guarantee our service! Most clients save 60%, 70% or more!
  3. Become DEBT FREE in 12-24 months?. . .
    Receive long-term relief and a fresh financial start!
  4. AVOID Bankruptcy, Debt Consolidation, and Refinancing? . .
    We have the best debt settlement option for Texas Residents!


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What is Debt Settlement? It is also known as Debt Negotiation and it’s a program to help a consumer legally negotiate the amount of consumer debt owed. Our financial services can help you settle with creditors and seriously reduce your debts.

Our company is very experienced in helping people find relief from outstanding loans and other money owed. We have helped many consumers in your situation determine when to pay and and when to seek counseling.

Find out if you qualify . . . . we want to help you today!
Our proprietary debt settlement process will help you become debt free sooner than you ever thought possible! In order to find out if you qualify for the Credit Card Relief Education (CCRE) program and to schedule a time to chat with a professional debt counselor, please complete our online Confidential Client Application, call us on the phone at (800) 635-6793 or email us at .


Here are the questions we hear you asking . . .

1. Why should I listen to you?
We have a great deal of experience in helping people and families just like you. We have a long and successful track record of delivering on our promises and we’re not asking you to take our word for it – please listen to our clients as they share their experiences. We also know what the banks can and cannot do to credit cardholders in the state of Texas – we have much experience in dealing with them. This knowledge and experience is translated into savings for you!


Thomas in Arlington saved over $22,000 for his family (Accounts: Chase, Providian, WaMu)
“We had been praying for almost 2 years that God would forgive the debt according to the story of the debtor and the King. When we came across your information we knew that God had answered our prayer and He was showing us the way to proceed legally and morally. We are now totally debt free and free to serve without that old burden around our neck!”

2. Why should I do business with you instead of someone else?
We hope that you receive the message we are sending – that we serve our clients in the same manner in which we would want to be treated (The Golden Rule). We have experience in dealing with all of the companies and banks in which you have credit cards. And finally, we will tell you the major benefits of our program and how our proprietary process can and will help you get a fresh start. We will share with you the one drawback of our program and how that drawback can be overcome and restored!


Sandra in Ft. Worth saved more than $29,000 (Accounts: MBNA, Wells Fargo, Capital One, Beneficial)
“I found myself in a very stressful and frustrating position – lots of different accounts, one account over $16,000, and a huge monthly minimum payment. When I researched my options and prayed for direction, Integrity Debt Solutions was the clear answer. I have received ongoing support and now, more than two years later, I know I made the right decision!”




3. What can your service do for me that no other service can do?
Our Credit Card Relief Education (CCRE) program from its inception is specifically made and designed for residents of Texas only. We implement specific state consumer protection laws that ONLY apply if you live in the state of Texas. We have not come across another company that only helps Texas residents.


John in Irving saved over $150,000 of credit card debt! (Accounts: Chase, Discover, AmEx, Wells Fargo, Capital One)
“I was really backed into a corner with not many places left to turn…..the credit card relief process has given me hope and a bright financial future once again – simply amazing!”


4. What can you guarantee me that nobody else can guarantee?
As mentioned throughout our website and in all of our marketing materials, the biggest way in which we differentiate ourselves from our competition is that if we cannot help you reduce your credit card debt BY AT LEAST 50%, we will refund your money. In other words, if we cannot help you reduce your total debt by half, you will get our service and educational materials and hundreds of hours of research for free.


Tino in Encino, Texas used our program to save more than $33,000 (Accounts: Citibank, Bank of America, Discover)
“The Credit Card Relief Education program saved me over $33,000, and looking back, I wish I would’ve started sooner!”


Please know that in the entire history of our company, we have not had to refund a client’s fee once. We have been successful for each of our clients in reducing their debts by 50% or more. Remember, 50% is the minimum – often times we do much better than that!

We will never be all things to all people. However, if you are a Texas resident overwhelmed with credit card debt and need relief from a company with a long and proven track record, who specializes in helping you, who implements existing state, federal, and banking law, and who operates on Christian principals….then we believe you’ve come to the right place!



In some cases, bankruptcy, debt consolidation, or refinancing is your best option – many times we advise our clients to go one of these routes because it is in their best interest so please don’t be surprised if we encourage you to go in another direction – but you will not know if our CCRE process is a better option for you unless you learn more about it! Simply complete the Confidential Application above now and one of our authorized agents will get in touch with you in the next 1-2 days to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION valued at $250.

We will also email you a FREE REPORT that outlines all of the options you have when faced with credit card debt and the costs and benefits of each. This is a valuable report and will save you hours and hours of time and research!

* Our Credit Card Relief Education (CCRE) program is based on the Texas Constitution as well as current Federal law, Bank law, U.S. Supreme Court decisions, and other legislation passed by Congress – such as, The Fair Credit Reporting Act, The Fair Credit Billing Act, and The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

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